María Urquiza

Senior Consultant
A city:
An object:
My ukulele
A passion:
An experience:
Ahmedabad´s kite festival
A food:
Spicy fried peppers
Raised part-time between Madrid and Mexico City, María joins Lantern to remind us that there’s more than just one type of tortilla: the classic potato omelette, of course, but also the corn kind you can wrap around a taco. And, as dynamic as she is, she can’t seem to ever stop trying to find ways to flip whatever tortilla she can get her hands on. Specialized in globalization by nature and by calling, María left her Hispanic roots aside for a while to study in New York, Zanzibar and New Delhi. Now, she’s returned to Madrid with a portfolio of projects and experiences that jumps between disciplines as much as countries, bringing to Lantern with her an emphasis on strategy and business model innovation. She holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Vassar College in New York, as well as a Master’s Degree in Strategic Design from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid.

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