Alexandre López

Senior Manager
A city:
An object:
My pasaport and a good Crosley
A passion:
Breakfast on weekends and Portuguese beaches
An experience:
Watching the sunrise over the Ganges
A food:
My mom's unbeatable "zamburiñas" rice
Galician above all else, Alexandre came to Madrid to study Advertising and Public Relations at San Pablo CEU University and decided to stay. He expanded his education further at CEU by pursuing a degree in Marketing, along with studies at universities in London, New York and Berkeley. Driven by his passion for finding creative and innovative solutions, Alexandre has collected 10 years in the sector, working at Firefly Millward Brown in Spain and the UK before arriving at Lantern. Change and novelty in and out of Spain keep him alert, challenged and motivated in his work. The intensity of his passion for innovation sometimes blurs the line between personal and professional. As such, his day-to-day activities, like going to the supermarket, are transformed into opportunities to become immersed in discovering new sensations, smells and tastes.

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