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Innovation pillars

Successful leaders embrace chaos because they understand that complexity is inescapable, but also recognize it as the main source of creative opportunities. In a world that is continuously redefined by the pursuit of creative destruction, companies need a well-designed and systematic approach for different time horizons. We help you design the right innovation models and processes, define your resources and capabilities, and create an internal culture where ideas can flourish and grow.

Innovation audit
Open innovation programs
Governance and organizational design
Innovation training
Innovation process design / optimization
Growth strategy

Strategic clarity requires hard choices. We help you to unlock growth and value creation by identifying non-obvious opportunities and defining audacious strategies that bring deep human insights, disruptive industry shifts and trends, and an acute understanding of the true potential of your tangible and intangible assets into center stage.

Envisioning and scenarios
Innovation platforms identification
Value proposition design
Product portfolio strategy
Business model design
Category growth strategy
Product design

At Lantern, we don't just design products. We create new categories and markets as attractive opporunities emerge from our research. Our philosophy around product design is based on being radicaly user-centered: simple, honest, transparent, and last but not least, sustainable.

Design strategy and guidelines
Business case analysis
Concept design, prototyping and test
Product launch guidelines
Portfolio strategy
Service design

At Lantern, we fall in love not with ideas or technologies, but with understanding the problems that users face when encountering a new or existing service. Once we understand the true pain points and opportunities along a consumer's journey, we co-design and rapidly iterate along with multiple stakeholders in order to bring solutions to life.

Consumer journey mapping
Service blueprints
Customer experience design
Implementation roadmaps
Touchpoint design, prototyping and testing
Brand creation
and packaging design

Great new products and services build strong functional and emotional connections with end users. This is where designing brands, packaging and other experiential touchpoints as an integrated system helps to set your offering apart and generate trial, repeat purchase and a loyal base of fans.

Brand strategy and positioning
Brand identity
Naming and verbal identity
Structural and graphic packaging design