Esther Veguillas

Marketing Manager
A city:
An object:
The Thermomix
A passion:
My children
An experience:
Scuba diving in the Red Sea
A food:
Real homemade croquetas
Esther began her career as a telecommunications engineer at Dimetronic and Motorola, where she chatted with machines as much as people. It was through this experience that she discovered a calling for communication, and when the economic crisis gave her a chance to start over, she looked far beyond the bits. She took on a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication at the Universidad San Pablo CEU and sine then has worked at agencies like Territorio Creativo and Shackleton with clients ranging between logistics, transport, alternative energies, e-commerce, software, fabrication… Since she was a child, she’s enjoyed making crafts with recyclable materials. At different point in her life she’s spent her free time exploring scuba diving, juggling, dance, yoga, painting, ski, sailing… and is currently learning to skate. Her last stumbling block has been cooking, but her time at Lantern has inspired the mastering of even this skill. Esther is the Marketing Manager at Lantern.

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