Iñigo de Prado

A city:
Hong Kong
An object:
A picture of Cai Fujun
A passion:
Kite Surf
An experience:
Amampuri Hotel in Thailand
A food:
“Kokotxas” cooked by Martin Berasategui
Iñigo has worked in the five continents. He holds a BA in Business & Economics and an MBA from Strathclyde, but his passion for marketing made him leave an auditing firm, KPMG, for a multinational beverage company. In 14 years in Coca-Cola, he lived in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Atlanta. As the vice president of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, he brought happiness to all the markets where this carbonated drink is present. Later on, he abandoned the bubbles for the vineyard and became CEO of Chivite Wineries, where he developed a vision for the future, fostered innovation, strengthened its brands and expanded its business internationally.

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