Jesús Alonso

Director Barcelona
A city:
An object:
The iPhone
A passion:
Traveling around the world, and architecture
An experience:
Sharing a few moments with Percy, an incredible orangutan at Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia
A food:
A mango juice in Burkina Faso
As a recent graduate in Economics with a specialization in Sociology, Jesús was briefly attracted to the world of consulting, spending a year at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). But from there, the scent of coffee and chocolate ended up luring him to develop his career at Nestlé. After a few years spent in the financial area, he transitioned into marketing, where he worked on bringing innovative products like Nescafé Cappuccino and Sirvefácil La Lechera into the world. He played a key role in the growth of Nesquick, and revitalizing brands such as EKO, Litoral, La Cocinera, Buitoni, Solís and Maggi... he managed the media buying and planning, and creating the largest online CRM program for FMCG in Spain... he directed Nestlé's Innovation and Research area... 33 years within a company provide ample time to do and achieve many things. For example, to win a few awards in Innovation and Communication (El Sol, BestPacks, John Caples ...) and many Eficacia awards (4 EFI and 2 Special Recognitions to Research). His love of architecture (be that brand architecture or plain old brick & mortar) and for teaching is reflected in his personal motto: Love for building, passion for learning, enthusiasm for teaching. He's happy to continue building and learning now at Lantern.

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