José María González

A city:
Burgos (in summer)
An object:
Hot air balloon
A passion:
Undertaking new projects
An experience:
Open sea swimming
A food:
Wild mushrooms
An expert in building emotion (and business) through innovation, this is how José Mª defines himself. Since he was 14, he showed his commercial skills by selling ice cream in his hometown, located in Burgos. This early “customer orientation” allowed him to stand out as Office Director first and later as Director of the SME segment, Channels, Payment Systems, e-Banking, Consumer Finance and finally as Innovation Director at Caja de Burgos, where he led the construction and development of an Innovation Platform, achieving significant marketing and organizational results. Holding a BA in Business Administration and being a PhD candidate in innovation, along with his extensive experience, led him to become Director of Business Development in Banking 2.0 at Banca Cívica in 2011, launching high-impact commercial projects and actions.

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