Miguel Cabra

Creative Director
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Palm Springs
An object:
The Pencil
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A food:
Garlic Soup
Miguel, originally from southern Spain, as a kid wanted to be an inventor, and today he lives in the innovation capital of the world, Silicon Valley. He studied Industrial Design in Barcelona and left Spain to go to IDEO, an internationally acclaimed agency that pioneered the Design Thinking methodology. During his 12 years at IDEO, he worked in Boston, London, Munich, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Chicago. Within the field of innovation, Miguel’s focus and expertise are in the food and beverage industry, where he has worked for companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Conagra, Kellogg's, Mcdonald's, and Danone. In addition to his professional experience, Miguel is also a frequent guest lecturer at the University of California Davis on their Design Thinking for Food Program and has been a guest lecturer at Stanford University DSchool.

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