Will Gittins

A city:
An object:
My Italo Disco vinyls
A passion:
Languages and linguistics
An experience:
A night at Berghain, Berlin
A food:
Seafood arroz caldoso in El Palmar, Valencia
Will is from the United Kingdom, having studied at the University of Southampton and the University of Granada, graduating in Spanish and linguistics. Will went on to study a Masters in Management with a specialisation in Integrated Marketing and Communications at IE Business School in Madrid. A Spanish resident since 2014, Will has worked at several multinational and boutique branding and marketing agencies in Spain for both national and international clients, using his fluent English, Spanish and French to create and optimize brands, customer experiences and company cultures that are ready to take on the world. The first thing Will does when he lands in a new country is head straight to the supermarket to get to know this new environment through its food. Will is truly a digital native, having grown up around partially assembled computers and put to sleep as a baby to the sound of a dial-up modem. His passion for technology has continued into adulthood and he is passionate about any innovation that can provide new ways of interacting with brands in a changing world.

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