Central Lechera Asturiana
A new category of adult milkshakes
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Our inspiration was born in what we’ve called the 'ounce of dark chocolate syndrome'

In early 2015, Central Lechera Asturiana reached out to Lantern and asked us to investigate opportunities for designing new products and services that would expand the company’s business in the adult segment. We contemplated this challenge from various perspectives, breaking down and analyzing through ethnographic investigation with consumers, expert interviews and analysis of key trends. Three key unmet needs emerged as most relevant for this segment: first, what we’ve called the 'ounce of dark chocolate syndrome,’ second, consumers' demand for new and surprising flavors, and finally, the search for increasingly natural products. These needs became guiding principles  while creating a fleet of new product and service concepts that would enable growth for the brand in both the short and medium term. Among the ideas we proposed to be launched in the short term, we identified a clear opportunity to build and lead a new category in the area of ‘adult milkshakes’, with healthier and more natural recipes that resonated with the DNA of Central Lechera Asturiana’s brand. The majority of dairy-based drink alternatives that responded to consumers' search for indulgence and richness were positioned as juvenile, while ready to drink dairy products in the refrigerated aisle were growing at
double digits annually.

Asturiana. Delicias

With all of this in mind, we designed the concept for Delicias, the first milkshake offered by Central Lechera Asturiana that provides the indulgence consumers are looking for when craving a nutritious, rich and original beverage. We analyzed flavors that fit the preferences of most adult palates and proposed, among others, the traditionally Spanish toasted almond turrón flavor. CLA’s R+D department applied their expertise and experience to designing a unique and irresistible formula, with 100% natural ingredients, low in fat and without added flavors. To that end, Delicias de Chocogalleta is made with chocolate cookies, and Delicias de Turrón is made with ground turrón from the Jijona region where it is traditionally produced. Lantern also worked on the creation of a name that reflected the appetizing and indulgent nature of this new product. Delicias, meaning ‘Delights,’ encapsulated the intention and concept of the product perfectly. The graphic design of the packaging, created by the packaging agency La Cía, reflects the unprocessed and natural properties of the ingredients used as well as the understated simplicity of the concept, all in a convenient 200ml format.

Asturiana. Delicias
Asturiana. Delicias