Campofrío Food Group
Making the sausage category relevant again
Concept design, prototyping and test
Brand identity
Ethnographic research
Naming and verbal identity
Structural and graphic packaging design
Elevating the hot dog category into new and exciting territories

Campofrío Food Group (CFG), one of the largest companies in the processed meat sector in Europe, with leading commercial brands such as Aoste (France), Campofrío (Spain), Nobre (Portugal) and Stegeman (Netherlands), selected Lantern as its innovation partner in order to work out several business challenges across different categories. Our initial analysis indicated that there was a real and sizeable opportunity to bring consumers back to a category that had experienced a crowding out during the last decade: sausages. This hunch was confirmed when our research revealed that many consumers and non-consumers of the category perceived the existing sausage offering across brands as ‘childish’, ‘of poor quality’ and low on the pleasure spectrum.

Campofrío Food Group

Competing against the mouth-watering substitutes of burgers, pizza, sushi and even the panoply of Deliveroo and the likes did not seem an easy challenge, but the CFG and Lantern project team together worked hard to rapidly bring a common vision out to market: creating and launching an innovative new range of high quality, succulent and delicious sausages designed to satisfy pleasure-oriented consumers and to perfectly pair with craft beer, a booming trend going mainstream. In order to make it happen, we worked on providing R&D with a detailed briefing regarding textures, ingredients, shapes and flavors based on consumers’ identified unmet needs as well as food and gastronomic trends. We designed the product concept taking into account how the range could develop over time based on different types of meats, fabrication methods, flavors, and formats. This gave birth to a preliminary core range (Pork classics, juicy Beef, and tender Chicken) and also single-unit packs, conceptualized with trial and mix-and-match in mind, of exciting flavors such as mango-curry and cheddar-jalapeño. Last but not least, Lantern coined the name for the family range, The Grillers, and designed the brand identity, storytelling and pack design. We are very happy that a few months after the product hit the shelves our branding work was awarded a prize from the Best Awards 2019.

Campofrío Food Group
Campofrío Food Group