Interovic - Provacuno
Enhancing the high quality of Spanish beef, sheep, and goat meats to achieve international markets.
Brand identity
Structural and graphic packaging design
Naming and verbal identity
Design strategy and guidelines
Brand strategy and positioning
Creating a brand to stand out on international shelves

When Interovic and Provacuno contacted us to entrust us with this challenge, we felt fortunate. We had a unique opportunity to build a country-brand strategy that would proudly champion internationally the best meats in the world: Spanish beef/sheep/goat.

After conducting an exhaustive analysis of the three sectors with all stakeholders involved and deepening our production models, we began to detect differential attributes to anchor our brand strategy on.

In a very competitive international scenario, with large country brands leading meat exports, the challenge increased. The challenge required us to find clear differentiating attributes to build our brand with. 

Our brand has converged in a unique positioning: irresistible quality meats. A brand positioning that will represent our meats beyond our borders. Composed of four brand attributes: 'extraordinary pleasure', 'we take care of you and yours', 'raised in our land with love', and 'safety from start to finish'. 

A world-renowned gastronomy can only be achieved with the best raw products. Meats that highlight the value of a raw product with unique flavors. These softer and more delicate flavors, with a distinctive tenderness are thanks to proper grain feeding of our lambs and young calves. Food quality with great recognition and gastronomic richness is due to the careful breeding of their animals by the know-how of their farmers and the acclaimed diversity of native breeds and historical varieties. Produced under the European production model, the strictest in the world, which guarantees maximum food safety, traceability, and animal welfare.

This brand strategy was grounded in a carefully designed visual brand universe where the logo takes importance as the main element.

We are a brand that travels with the reality of having an unmatched meat in flavor, texture, and safety. The first visual concept (the meat) works on the texture and flavor, secondly, we use the presentation of a seal to symbolize excellence and export capacity, and thirdly, to talk about the safety and quality that we print on our products, we represent the concept of guarantee.

The verticality simulates a certification, as an emblem of quality. The pride in our product and our certainty of having impeccable quality, invades the top of the composition with a flat meat texture detail with the perfect balance of fat and meat; a resource that highlights the soft tenderness of Spanish meat and its unique marbling. IRRESISTIBLE QUALITY MEAT describes the value proposition we make to the world and must be used repeatedly to position the brand in the market.

We use the window resource from the logo itself as an opportunity to show and discover our product.

As much as possible we play with the window beyond the logo. In places that require maximum visibility and legibility such as the point of sale, we use graphic resources in a respectful but flexible way to communicate effectively.

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Building an international Brand for Beef & Lamb from Spain

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Building an international Brand for Beef & Lamb from Spain
Building an international Brand for Beef & Lamb from Spain