Pink Albatross
Building a strong brand to propel a plant-based ice cream start-up
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Re-inventing the ice cream category through a bold brand

We received the call from Pink Albatross with much anticipation, taking their plant-based ice-cream brand to the next level would be a great challenge; it’s not every day that you are asked to propel such an important idea for society like “offering plant-based food alternatives of great quality to empower peoples’ choice at the time of purchase.” The brief was clear: We needed to be capable of communicating, through new brand positioning, the exceptional quality that their plant-based ice creams have.

Looking at the current market, we realized that the majority of plant-based ice creams worked with very similar positioning. A universe plagued with balls of ice cream and static brands with ingredients based solely on indulgence, many brands that offered to be a more sustainable alternative (Good for You, Good for the Planet), other articulations like “alternative for the lactose intolerant”, and above all else, plant-based products with hard-to-find flavors. It was clear to us that we needed to build a bold brand universe for Pink Albatross that is directed at a broad audience (not just vegans), that we call “progress makers”, since they are people that take control of their lives, have high energy, and are very dynamic.

It all came together in one brand capable of re-inventing the dessert category using ingredients suitable for the entire world, whether it be vegans, flexitarians, people with allergies, or those that don’t want to ingest artificial ingredients, without (very importantly!) having to compromise on flavor or texture.

When it came down to the tone of the brand, it was clear to us that a company that wants to improve the concept and processes of traditional food in order to create better products, needed to raise its voice. The attitude of Pink Albatross has a lot to do with fun sprinkled with rebellion. The brand is very Pink (refinement and purity) but also a little Punk (intensity and fight).

Who better than a pink-beaked Albatross full of courage to face countless adventures? The graphic universe of Pink Albatross evokes a time gone by, not literal but allusive.

Pink Albatross


THE PINK is a reminder of what the brand fights for, that is why we’ve made all the tubs this color. The lids, however, have flavor specific colors to enhance identification and differentiate the references. Among crowded shelves, the PINK stands out at first glance. We wanted to build an easily recognizable brand block.

The back of pack is one part legal and another part marketing, transmitting the concept of CLEAN LABEL, or in other words, a reliable demonstration of the value proposition, the proof point that offers irrefutable evidence of the quality, importance, and uniqueness of the product through the drawings of the main ingredients that are used.

The ice cream is 100% plant-based with a coconut and cashew base. Like the slogan says on the lid: “Made with ingredients you can draw,” which is already a central idea of the Pink Albatross philosophy.


If the why defines the brand and establishes its territory, and we do before we say, the content will help us be part of a community and its conversations so that people will not only chose but also recommend us. Only this way will our image build a reputation worthy of a legacy.

While some brands experiment within the refuge of their categories, following the established precepts, other brands look for more risky and emotional environments. The search for authenticity requires betting on the product, impeccable, but with a more ambitious attitude that contributes further. Pink Albatross extends this way of seeing the world with a unique tone, generating an entire brand universe around it. Tangible in all the points of contact where the brand lives: inviting you to refresh your ideals or carry out an “ice cream rebellion” through its social media communication and signage…where the satire, nonchalance, and the product interweave in conversations between nonconformity and ice cream.


Pink Albatross
Pink Albatross