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Licor del Polo, since its founding in Bilbao over 140 years ago by pharmacy and botany student Salustiano de Orive, has been a prominent leading brand in the Spanish oral care market. Throughout its history, it has creative innovative solutions to satisfy consumer needs during different time periods. In order to continue offering a differential product, Licor del Polo has carried out an exhaustive reformulation process of its products to incorporate over 95% natural ingredients and develop new recyclable packaging unique to the category.

Today, most toothpaste tubes on the market are made from various layers of different materials. The difficulty of separating one lane from another makes this type of packaging a very complex material to recycle. Licor del Polo has decided to use a new tube made of sheets of a single material without the inner layer of aluminum, to facilitate subsequent recycling and a useful second life.

Licor del Polo asked us to help them rethink their brand strategy so that it would be relevant and differential to the consumer. One of the challenges we faced in the development of the positioning was that we had to take into account is that this product is sold at the point of sale. For this reason, we had to develop a pragmatic proposal in terms of its implementation.

Licor del Polo

Based on this analysis, we developed the brand strategy and brand idea, including the new positioning and new value proposition for Licor del Polo. We at Lantern found it important to highlight the brands natural origin and take inspiration from nature, just as the founder did 140 years ago when he created the first Licor del Polo product.

Using this new brand strategy, we gave life to the new brand claim: Natural from the start. This strong claim allows a maintained position as a challenger brand, transferring the idea of naturalness into a category with a borderline artificial image, full of technical words and focus on efficiency. Most important of all, none of the values that inspired Salustiano Orive to create unique products over 140 years ago were lost.

The result is a differential brand strategy evident in each action being taken at the point of sale and in communications, as well as in the new packaging claim.

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Licor del Polo
Licor del Polo