Rianxeira Jealsa
Jealsa, working on a new development for its historic brand Rianxeira
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Jealsa, Spain’s leading cannery, approached Lantern with the aim of working on a new development for its historic brand Rianxeira. The challenge was no small one—innovation is hard to come across in this category and distributor brands dominate with over a 70% market share.

One of the main learnings from our research was that the canned products consumer is eager for new solutions that alleviate pain points. On the other hand, it was clear that the socially and environmentally conscious consumer is increasingly present, seeking brands that take a stand on these issues.

We found that the key was for our client to understand how a greater purpose can act as a common thread to give meaning to the company’s strategy. Jealsa, the company behind Rianxeira, has always had a high level of involvement with organizations that promote sustainable fishing and implements a quality and safety policy that prioritizes suppliers that fish sustainably. Jealsa was also one of the first companies to collaborate with the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). The purpose was always there; our job was to shape it and integrate it in the brand ethos.

With the help of Lantern, Rianxeira's new positioning was emerged with sustainability, health and transparency as core values. Equally important is the company's purpose: creating a brighter future for the seas and those who live off of them, and helping people to better enjoy seafood products. This positioning aims to place the brand in a segment which prioritizes quality and added value.

However, positioning alone is incomplete without an aligned value and product proposition. That’s why Rianxeira has launched a product line of core, novel products in the category. The entire range of tuna and bonito is obtained through angling and is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council sustainable fishing seal) certified. Each product contains just the right amount of oil or mineral water, fleur de sel and organic ingredients (sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil)—in a nutshell, clean labels and sustainable raw materials. For the second wave of launches, Lantern has conceptualized innovative proposals with new formats, seeking to integrate them into usages and moments where canned products are not traditionally present.

Jealsa Rianxeira
Jealsa Rianxeira
Jealsa Rianxeira