Capturing new opportunities in fish & seafood
Design strategy and guidelines
Concept design, prototyping and test
Portfolio strategy
Business case analysis
Product launch guidelines
Consumers have a love-hate relationship with fish and seafood. Our mission was to unlock the "love" by understanding the "hate."

For over 50 years, Pescanova has been helping Spanish families eat fish and seafood in a more convenient way by offering a portfolio of products that includes frozen or chilled hake and cod fillets, shrimp, and crab surimi. In doing so, the Pescanova brand was consistently considered one of the most beloved and respected brands among consumers aged 45 and older. But what about the youngest generation of consumers?


As we discovered, Millennials had a very different set of views towards the brand, as opposed to their parents. Having grown up in a world of instant gratification, ultra-convenience and experience seeking, the Pescanova range of products were "good quality, but not adequate to what the modern consumer requires." Our research allowed us to develop consumer personas based on attitudes towards food, cooking and personal lifestyles. With these distinct perspectives in mind, our team of food designers generated hundreds of new product ideas that were gradually honed until we felt we had only the very best. We also helped Pescanova's team develop in-house high-level product ideas into tangible concepts to be tested with consumers.

Main image: original concept for “Pastas del Mar”, presented to Pecanova in 2016.