Carpisa / Brooklyn Town
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Having identified a new opportunity to grow their business and presence, the meat producer Carpisa approached Lantern to work with their brand Brooklyn Town. Inspired by international benchmarks and successful innovations in other markets, Carpisa had recognized a gap in the category of ready to eat hamburgers, with Spain’s offering falling quite short in terms of both variety and quality compared to other markets.

With their productive capacity, meat sector know how and immense respect and pride for their product, it was clear that Brooklyn Town could achieve a product above and beyond the current offering, and even strive for pushing up added value and margins in the category. They sought to collaborate with Lantern in order to understand the following: what did Spanish consumers expect or demand from this type of product?

Which were the axes of value upon which we could build a discernably better product?
We jumped right into understanding the particular characteristics of the ready to eat hamburger category, testing and even tasting various national and international products amongst ourselves.

Carpisa / Brooklyn Town

We quickly sensed that the challenge for Brooklyn Town was not just about adapting a foreign concept to the Spanish market and designing an improvement over the current offering, but also analyzing the consumption occasion and the value propositions for other substitute categories. Be they refrigerated pizzas or other prepared dishes, the key here was to develop a proposition that could compete and win when up against all types of alternatives.

We found that pleasure and meat quality were fundamental, and not to be ignored. After creating a first concept of a value proposition, based on a variety of differentiating axes, with Carpisa, we proceeded to consumer sessions to refine and validate. Here, we were able to contrast, go deeper, co-create and work with prototypes in order to arrive at a clear and powerful value proposition for Brooklyn Town in this category.

Having validated our concept with consumers, we moved forward to developing the design and packaging, bringing our differential value proposition to life in each SKU. What we discovered was that, even in high convenience categories, brands can and should build complete value propositions, based on diverse elements that elevate and generate attraction over competitors.

Even though the consumption occasion is certainly defined by speed, ease and immediacy, there are always opportunities to transform “survival” products by endowing them with multiple layers of value. We are happy and proud to witness the debut of the fast and tasty Brooklyn Town ready to eat hamburgers in the Spanish market.

Carpisa / Brooklyn Town
Carpisa / Brooklyn Town