Defending and expanding category leadership, one innovation at a time
Innovation process design / optimization
Portfolio strategy
Ethnographic research
Trend analysis and activation
Co-creation programs
Concept design, prototyping and test
Carrying the brand towards new consumption occasions and supermarket aisles

It’s not easy to become the leader of a category, but once you have, what do you need to do to maintain your position and avoid slowing down growth? The key is innovation, and finding ways to continue surprising and satisfying consumers in regards to their needs.

Florette reached out to us in order to help them develop a complete and thorough innovation pipeline to block the advancement of new competitors. The objective was to innovate in a way that not only allowed them to continue growing within their category, but also strengthen their brand image by increasing their brand presence and entering new consumption occasions.


By carrying out an extensive investigation into the consumption occasion, including home visits and shop-alongs, we were able to see the supermarket aisle from consumers’ point of view.

Our analysis, along with the intelligence accumulated by Florette’s marketing team, led to a deep and nuanced understanding of the brand’s current and potential targets, their unresolved needs and existing opportunities.

We took all of our learnings to an ideation session with members of diverse areas of Florette’s internal team, along with several external experts to add texture and inspire creativity.

These ideas were developed into concepts, which were then taken to co-creation sessions with consumers. By employing prototypes, be they 2D mockups or even tangible 3D objects made from fresh product, consumers were able to get their hands dirty (by touching, smelling and even tasting) in order to build and help us establish the various aspects of the concept’s offering: concept, naming, messaging, design, packaging, aisle placement, price positioning, etc.

The result was a full line-up of concepts, validated by consumers, that promise a very high potential for development. We’re happy to see two of these concepts have already found their way to supermarket aisles: Combo and Verduras para crema.

*cover image source: https://foodandhealth.com/12-salad-presentations/