Aesop arrives in Madrid with a differential beauty offer

Design, natural ingredients, sustainability; a special experience
July 2022
Aesop arrives in Madrid with a differential beauty offer

After the recent and long-awaited opening of Aesop's first physical store in Spain, we did not want to miss the opportunity of visiting their store in Madrid to analyze first-hand the experience offered by this prestigious brand.

Aesop was born in Australia in 1987 with a clearly pioneering proposal, to offer natural products of the highest quality without artificial components, for personal care. A brand in which the union of research and science are key to obtain effective ingredients of vegetable origin. 

Since then, they have continued to revolutionize the cosmetic sector, providing a unique and iconic know-how in everything the brand does. Opening physical stores in the world's major capitals, in ultra-exclusive locations, generally sharing the sidewalk with major luxury brands.

Aesop does not propose just another cosmetics store, it offers a temple of high natural cosmetics with design as the main protagonist. Betting on pharmaceutical-inspired designs in all the brand's assets. 

"We unequivocally believe that well thought-out design improves our lives" - Aesop.

Using, for example, smoked glass packaging reminiscent of 19th century pharmacies. With a selection of labels that evoke naturalness and pharmaceutical rigour in equal parts. 

The recently opened store in Madrid, like the rest of the stores that the brand owns internationally, reflects this iconicity around design. Proposing a space in which a large ceramic washbasin in clay-colored tones works as the main thread of the store. Enhancing a unique sensory experience around their products, to the test, to the sensory experimentation, in an aromatic environment that takes us directly to a Spa of a 5 star hotel.

This exquisite care for design goes beyond the physical elements, and is completed with a personalized service from the store staff, which the brand itself calls 'Aesop advisors'. Highly trained in the products they sell, with a great capacity for advice, with ad hoc recommendations after a thorough examination of your dermatological profile, with a very careful, unhurried and close attention. 

In short, a brand that conveys luxury from the delicacy, far from the usual opulence of the luxury cosmetics industry. It bets on simplicity, just using natural ingredients, high commitment to sustainability, a very careful aesthetics and design, on a sensory and experiential proposal at the point of sale, clearly differential. 

images: Aesop

Aesop arrives in Madrid with a differential beauty offerAlexandre López
Senior Manager