There is so much left to redesign

Challenges that force us to bring out the best in ourselves and find new solutions and approaches.
February 2020
There is so much left to redesign

At Lantern, our day-to-day work is focused on helping to redesign, rethink and reorient our clients' businesses. It is an exciting task that entails challenges that force us to bring out the best in ourselves and to look for new solutions and proposals in fields where it seems impossible. We take on projects like changing the experience of a car repair shop, improving the perception of a meat product, repositioning an iconic brand, creating new products that are relevant to the consumer, and more challenges like these.

Despite these opportunities, there are still many services, products, situations, things that we would like, at some point, to be able to sink our teeth into and redesign them and contribute our expertise to improve their experience.

We've asked around the office and these are some of the things that have come up.

Government/public services

This is an area where opportunities for improvement are always present. These are some of the ones that have been discussed in the office:

Jaime, proposes to improve the experience of democracy: "couldn't we vote in parks or gardens, with a festive atmosphere and live rock bands and picnics in the sun?" and Luisa also adds that "I would redesign the vote by mail, which is terribly designed". This challenge appeals to us in a big way. With so many political processes here in Spain, it might as well be entertaining.

Daniela would like to redesign "all the processes related to immigration. They are slow, not very efficient and rather rude." With the latest population growth figures, this is something that we need to change. The arrival of new talent should be met with a warm welcome.

Another issue that can also be improved is "pregnancy follow-up appointments in the public health care system", says Daniela. "Appointments last 5 minutes, you've just taken off your coat and you have to leave. They give you a thousand pieces of information in 2 minutes. They never show up and there is no personal contact". For such a key moment in a person's life, it does not seem the best way of doing things.

Also in the medical field, Luisa proposes improving "access to your medical and vaccination history. I don't understand why only your doctor can see it, and not you". In a digitized society where privacy is increasingly valued, the opportunity seems obvious.

Locally here in Madrid, Luisa would like to make some changes to the public transportation pass. "I think that we could redesign how you obtain it. Maybe you could top it up on your phone or even use your phone to get into the subway without the card itself. That way, people coming to Madrid for the weekend wouldn't have to buy a new one." Millennials demand more seamless digitalization.

Transactions with companies

Let's start with a classic that never goes out of fashion. Alex proposes redesigning "the Renfe [public rail company] website. Well, actually, the whole customer experience in terms of ticket purchase, complaints, etc." Who wouldn't?

On the topic of travel, Daniela mentions that it would be very interesting to redesign "the hotel check-in process. They are supposed to already have your data and sometimes there are lines and they make you wait." I'd like to mention same process at rental car agencies. I always wonder what the attendant is typing when he already has all my data.

Here's another one: "the process of boarding an airplane. There have to be alternative ways to manage it to make it more agile. I won't even mention the security checkpoints at airports," says Alex.

Jesus adds, "how is it possible to have to wait 3 or more months to get a car when brands boast about using Lean and not holding intermediate stock." There is clearly room for improvement here and later on when registering the car, purchasing insurance, etc.

In everyday life

Luisa would like to design "a fake news detector that warns you when you are reading false information", something that would save us all from a lot of misunderstanding and manipulation.

On a recreational level, Jaime would like to find a better solution for "taking stuff to the beach. You always forget things, it's uncomfortable (especially on the way back), you are dying of heat and thirst and on top of that you burn your feet when the sand is hot." I'd bet this has happened to you as well.

In our daily lives, there are still many areas that have the potential to be revisited and improved. I'm sure you can think of many more. Here at Lantern we love challenges like these. Want to solve them with us?