The Food Revolution

Innovation at the intersection of food, technology and social shifts

Innovation always arises at times of market overcrowding and in situations that we are unable to solve with the tools we currently have at our disposal. Food is no exception to this. That's why we have prepared the report "The Food Revolution." In this study, Lantern explores the role of innovation at the intersection of food, technology and social change in the near future. We look at specific cases of startups that are at the forefront of the profound global changes coming to your industry. We talk about the food of the future, the role of technology in food production and consumption, and new business models that may alter the traditional way of reaching and engaging with the new customer. The wealth of information provided in the study is complemented by an analysis of best practices and cases that illustrate the realities and trends that we have recently discovered in the food sector. The results are presented in five blocks that illustrate the future of the industry: feeding 11 billion human beings this century.

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